Help The Honeybee

Honeybees are under threat worldwide because of a loss of habitat and flora, changes in farming practices, pesticides and viruses against which they have no natural defences. Many colonies in the wild have died out and without beekeepers to care for them, honeybees could disappear in just a few years. Follow the links throughout our site for tips & ideas on how you can help the honeybee

Honey bee feeding on nectar

There are many ways practical ways in which you can help. As well as feeling like you are actually making a positive difference for all native bees, not just the honeybee, you will meet some wonderfully knowledgeable people which helps to build some community spirit and improve your health and well-being by becoming more active as you discover this truly fascinating insect. Browse through our site for Top Tips on helping the honeybee

Become a Beekeeper

Examining the frames within a hive

Beekeeping is an enjoyable and fascinating hobby and you get to eat your own honey too! Every year local beekeeping associations run courses to help new people to take up beekeeping and will help & advise you on finding the right equipment and if you are lucky, supply you with a colony of honeybees!

Beekeeping Training Courses are run generally in the spring and are intended to guide you along as you start to grow your colony. For information on courses visit The British Beekeepers'Association (BBKA) website to find a local association in your area.